Monthly Archives: June 2011

Yum Yum Kombucha!

Thursday Workout: 3 mile run on TM (27 min 40 sec) and BodyPump Class

Mile 1: 9:27, Mile 2: 9:11, Mile 3: 9:02

I was VERY happy with my treadmill workout tonight! My friend Kim was coming to BodyPump class with me by using one of my guest passes.  I wanted to get 3 miles in before she got to the gym, so I pushed myself at the end to finish in time!

BodyPump was awesome tonight and I am really loving my Thursday night instructor. She looks better than the BodyPump poster girls and she really motivates me…(to have muscles like her’s!)


We tried to get a nice bathroom pic before class 🙂

Made a shake after class with a scoop of this and 1/2 a scoop of chocolate protein! Hopefully I will feel much better tomorrow and my recent soreness was because I wasn’t taking recovery shakes!

Earlier today, my Mom and I went on a few errands!

I always wanted to stop in this Health food store and we did today!

I found Justin’s nut butters! I see these on so many blogs and was very excited to find the peanut and almond butter! I got the sample packets to try out before I decide which jar I want to buy. (They are kinda expensive…around $11 a jar) I also tried the dark chocolate peanut butter cups…so good!

Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds! mmmm

Then I found this little beauty… Katalyst Kombucha-Bliss-Berry! My mom and I split this tea and it was SO GOOD! I tried another Kombucha before and I could barely get it down it was so strong.  Mom wasn’t sold on it, but I LOVED this tea!!!!!!

Raspberries from the local orchard!!

My lunch! I was so hungry I threw beans, strawberries, egg and more into a salad!

Getting ready to go to dinner with my parents and Colby. MY FAVORITE MEXICAN RESTAURANTTTTT 🙂