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Back to the Gym

Tuesday: 3 mile run (29:08) and first Zumba class ever tonight


I ran with my friend Amy this morning around her neighborhood (which is near my new house!!). It was so nice running with someone and talking the whole time! I really think that helped this past fall when I would run with her at least once a week and we would talk while we ran.  It really makes it feel easier when you are on your own later.

Amy just got Garmins for herself, husband and daughter for Christmas so she was eager to try it out and get the Garmin Connect website up and running.  I should have taken a picture of our matchy matchy green Garmin 405s 🙂


I have big plans to go to my first Zumba class tonight with my friend Andrea.  Andrea and I went to college together and she is traveling across the state to visit for a few days.  I’m going to take her to her first BodyPump class on Thursday so she can see what it is all about. My gym (Gold’s) recently had a new membership you could switch over to that allows you to have guests anytime you want.  I think that is great for classes!  I’m very intimidated for Zumba tonight and don’t want to look like an idiot. Andrea has been going to classes for over a year so she will probably be a pro!

Some highlights from the past week…


My first Five Guys experience (I just had the fries while Colby went for the burger and everything). We went there late one night right before Christmas when we had some last minute shopping.

Enchiladas I made last week that were really good.  I just the Peas and Thank You cookbook and made lentils to go inside but also added refried beans.  Colby’s had chicken with cheese and sour cream while mine had extra lentils and Daiya “cheese”.

Waking up Christmas Eve morning to Colby playing Guitar Hero at 7:30 am.

Christmas dinner at our new house! (My Mom basically cooked everything and it was amazing)

Lots of carbs on my plate 🙂 My favorite is stuffing made in muffin tins!

The amazing hot tub that was left at our new house by the previous owners in a three season patio off the back of the house.  We just got it filled and running last week.  I almost feel guilty relaxing in there at night because our house was seriously an amazing find.  The owners were moving out of the country to retire and were going to send all of their furniture to auction.  We were able to buy almost everything in the house we wanted… like bedroom furniture, kitchen/dining room tables, sofa, tv, etc. !  My Mom’s side of the family came over yesterday for lunch and was amazed at what we were able to get!

Some yoga goodies from Colby. I got a new, super thick mat that will hopefully not slide like my old one, along with a yoga block and some Jillian. I tried out my new Brooks Adrenaline 12’s this morning and loved them. My old shoes were seriously beat and giving me IT pain.

I’ll let you know what I think of my first Zumba in the next post!