Monthly Archives: January 2012

Week 2: Spring Marathon Training

Wednesday: 3 miles (26:50)

Thursday: 3 miles on TM (29:10) / BodyPump


My friend Amy and I are currently following Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Marathon Plan and are on week 2.  We have been running together a few times a week and attending BodyPump class two times a week.  After the snow last weekend, I had to run my 6 mile long run for week 1 on the treadmill.  Our roads were terrible and I refuse to run on ice.  It was raining pretty hard all day today, so we had to run on the treadmill again before BodyPump.  My legs are definitely adjusting to running 4x a week and BodyPump since I took it pretty easy in December.  My appetite is really starting to increase too!  I am trying to foam roll every day and I hope it is okay I’m spending so much time on the treadmill.  The marathon is pretty much completely flat because it is on a trail trail.


I was reaaaallllllly happy with my run on Wednesday this week! It was my first time going outside to run in almost a week and I really tried not to look at my Garmin that much.  I decided to just be comfortable and ended up running a 9:09 for mile 1.  Around 1.5 I started to slow down but thought I would challenge myself by aiming for negative splits.  This was also the first time running by myself in awhile and I could run so much faster when I wasn’t talking to Amy.  I definitely think there is value in running with a friend and talking because it makes me so much stronger!


I’m also in my second week of my FINAL graduate class!!! WOO HOO!!  I need to stay organized and keep up with my reading.  I end up using my grad books to press my tofu more than I actually read them 🙂