Monthly Archives: February 2012

Happy Running

Wednesday: 3 mile run (26:31)

I’m currently on week 7 on Hal Higdon’s Marathon Novice I training plan.  I have been feeling GREAT the past few weeks and I’m so happy!!

(Week 7: Plan says to rest on Monday and Friday and cross-train on Sunday)

Since there was supposed to be rain all day today, I ran my 6 with Amy yesterday.  It was nice enough to go outside after school today and I did an unexpected quick 3.  I will run 3 slow, recovery miles on the treadmill tomorrow and take a BodyPump class.

Last weekend, Amy and I ran a back down 7 miler to get ready for this weekend’s 12.  Since we have been running together a lot, we end up talking the whole time.  I really think running and talking on a regular basis is making me stronger!  I’ve also been getting in our hot tub after most of my runs (so thankful for the previous house owners).  My legs feel great and only my calves feel a little sore after running.  Of course, then I just throw on my attractive Walmart compression socks…


I’m not so secretly in love with my Walmart compression socks.  I always put them on after long runs.  They are just so much tighter than my actual running compression sleeves.

This was my 6 miler with Amy on Tuesday.  Mile 4 and 5 were mostly uphill the entire time, so we were pretty happy with our splits.

This was my run from today and I didn’t expect to push myself so much.  I ran with Colby, but didn’t talk as much because I wanted to push the pace.  Of course, this is still super comfortable for him, so I knew he would help me hold the faster pace and talk to keep me company.  I was surprised to see how comfortable I felt at these paces.  Comfortable, as in I could talk a little bit but not as much as usual.

Do you think running with other people and talking helps you get stronger?  I am LOVING running with my friend Amy 🙂  I have no idea how I trained for my marathon last year by myself!

Also, I’m still on Pinterest non-stop this week.  Going crazy pinning wedding stuff…