Monthly Archives: March 2012

A Week Off

Tuesday: 3 sad, sad miles

I took this picture of my ankles after my “run” on Tuesday.  You can’t really tell, but my left ankle and lower calf were completely swollen.  I thought my calf pain was gone after feeling okay for my 15 miler this past weekend, but I think the Advil just masked the problem.  Colby thinks I need to take ibuprofen, stretch, ice and take at least a week off from running.  Miss my 16 miler this weekend?! I guess it is really want I need to do.  I was practically limping on Tuesday when I was trying to run through the pain.  If I want to make it to the marathon, I guess I have to take the time off.

This is week 11 of an 18 week plan.  I’m hoping to take a week off, ease back into it and possibly run the 18 miler during week 13.  I might try to ride my bike with Colby as he runs his 16 this weekend, but I promise. No running for a week.  Even though it makes me really sad.

Even though I was upset over the injury and no exercise… it was kinda nice to come home after work and relax.  Then I got an email that my engagement pictures were online and I was very happy!  Here are a few of my favorites…