A Week Off

Tuesday: 3 sad, sad miles

I took this picture of my ankles after my “run” on Tuesday.  You can’t really tell, but my left ankle and lower calf were completely swollen.  I thought my calf pain was gone after feeling okay for my 15 miler this past weekend, but I think the Advil just masked the problem.  Colby thinks I need to take ibuprofen, stretch, ice and take at least a week off from running.  Miss my 16 miler this weekend?! I guess it is really want I need to do.  I was practically limping on Tuesday when I was trying to run through the pain.  If I want to make it to the marathon, I guess I have to take the time off.

This is week 11 of an 18 week plan.  I’m hoping to take a week off, ease back into it and possibly run the 18 miler during week 13.  I might try to ride my bike with Colby as he runs his 16 this weekend, but I promise. No running for a week.  Even though it makes me really sad.

Even though I was upset over the injury and no exercise… it was kinda nice to come home after work and relax.  Then I got an email that my engagement pictures were online and I was very happy!  Here are a few of my favorites…


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  1. Such cute photos!

    I’m sorry to hear about your ankle. But you are right, it is better to take a week off now then have to miss your race completely.

  2. rest up, heal and be ready for your race, lovely pictures!

  3. gorgeous pics holly!!!!

    rest that ankle!!!!! 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s like a lower calf thing… pulled muscle? I know I messed it up doing lunges at BodyPump a few weeks ago… then when I would run (without taking advil) it messed up my stride and hurt my calf and ankle so much! Taking a full week off before I try again.

  4. ahhh it is sooo hard to take time off in the middle of training – but it will be the best thing! So much better than injuring yourself further and having to take ever more time off. Love that last picture of you guys lying in the grass!

    • I know… I feel like I already committed so much time into the training already – but I don’t want to hurt and hate running. I like the last picture too 🙂 It was Twilight-inspired!

  5. love the pictures! you guys are too cute

    hopefully the week off will help!

  6. take care of that injury now so that you can make it to race day! love the engagement photos. have a great weekend!

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