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Wedding Food

I went to another CXWORX 30 minute core class at the gym yesterday and it was TOUGH!  I was STILL sore from BodyPump on Tuesday and struggled through the core class on Thursday! I am still feeling it today and I am not feeling motivated to work out at all!

I received my diploma yesterday in the mail! Woo hoo!

Colby, his brother, my parents and I went to our wedding venue last night to taste food!  We got to taste lots of appetizers and the two entrees we were interested in for our dinner.

The first was Chicken Wellington Roulade with chicken breast rolled with mushroom duxelle and wrapped in puff pastry with a demi-glaze.

I only had a bite of the chicken and gave the rest to Colby because it really isn’t my favorite, but I ate all the mushroom and puff pastry off of it before I shared 🙂  It was delicious.

The other was “Land & Sea” with filet mignon and crab stuffed shrimp.  Colby had a few bites before I got this picture.  I don’t eat red meat, but Colby, his brother and my dad thought it was great.  My Mom and I don’t really eat meat but we like seafood, so we will eat crab stuffed shrimp that night.  Everything was very very good and we were so happy!

After our dinner and looking at the venue again, Colby wanted to go mini golfing.

It was pretty hot out, but we had a good time.  Of course I had to show you I had a pink golf ball 🙂