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Three Day Weekend

Hi everyone!  Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Saturday morning I had two friends come over to do BODYPUMP 85 at my house.  I taught the whole thing with no mistakes and my one friend had never done pump before and she really liked it!  I still had to look at the cool down notes though.  My other friend has done classes at the gym and has the at home kit like me.



We always talk about our favorite pump instructors from the dvds and her favorite is the very pretty Jericho.  I told her I don’t have long flowing red locks to leave down for the workout 🙂  Jericho is all over everything Les Mills lately and I opened up my new BP 86 DVD I got the other day and she was inside too!


Since I passed my initial training, I can now get all the new releases and the new 86 just came out this week.  I am trying not to look at it too much.  I don’t want to get confused because I still need to tape my full 85 and submit it to Les Mills to be officially certified! I’m hoping to get that done in two weeks 🙂


My hamstrings were pretty sore from teaching my friends yesterday, so I decided to do an easy 1.5 miles on my treadmill to loosen up my legs, then I did the ab tracks from both 85 and 86 (kinda disappointed with 86 abs..) and practiced the 85 cool down again.  I almost have it memorized but I just think it is in a strange order. Then I did my 20 BodyFlow DVD from my Pump kit.


Last night we went to Bonefish Grill for the first time with Colby’s brother and it was amazing!  We are seafood fans and this restaurant was great!  We shared their bang bang shrimp appetizer and I had a really good house salad.


Then I had their salmon special with goat cheese, spinach, artichoke hearts and lemon basil sauce.  I substituted the potatoes for their quinoa salad with tomatoes and edamame.  Everything was really good and I would definitely go back!

We also went to see Hangover 3, which was good but never as funny as the 1st movie.  Hope you are having a good weekend! I am co-teaching pump again tomorrow morning 🙂