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Amy and I went for a 10 mile bike ride this morning 🙂  We just got back from a trip to Lake Placid, NY (more on that later) and we got back late last night.  Since she is battling a foot injury, running with my favorite partner hasn’t been happening.  Maybe riding our bikes will be our new thing???

We both rode our little girl purple mountain bikes and she rode from her house to mine (about 5 miles).  Then we rode to her house together and I turned around and went back home to finish at 10 for the day.

Picture 16

Picture 15

I forgot to add on a rode on the way back, so it was a little less.  We talked when we rode together and when I turned around I decided to try to push my pace.  I was happy to see I almost averaged 14 mph.  Maybe it is time to update my bike!