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White Rose 5 Miler 2015


I ran a 5 mile race this past Saturday!  I haven’t officially raced since last November, so it was nice to get back to it.  Since I am following a Hal Higdon marathon plan, I also had the big 20 miler planned for the same day. The plan for my friend Bethany and I was to race the 5 miler first, then go run 15 together.  Colby also raced, but ran his 15 before the race! 

Colby crushed his race and his 20 miles!

I had a great race!  I slowed down for the 4th mile due to a hill, but I was happy to get a nice downhill for the last mile. I’ve done this race four times, and this was my best time!

My splits:  8:17, 8:48, 8:47, 9:13 and 8:32!

Bethany and I headed to the park to finish our long run but it got tough. Humid weather and we got dehydrated. We left the park with about 16 miles. When I got home I drank some Gatorade and got on my treadmill to get to 18 miles for the day. I did 19 miles a few weeks ago so I’m feeling okay about it. 

Since the race was sponsored by a local restaurant, we decided we all deserved a nice meal. The picture above is me with Bethany’s daughter 🙂  I ate a huge crab/cheese covered soft pretzel appetizer all by myself that night!