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Disney Wine and Dine 1/2 2015 and Hamstring Drama

October and November have been busy for my fitness schedule!

   October 11- Steamtown Marathon

 My friend Steph with me at CXWORX AIM 1

The BODYFLOW crew for AIM 1 – both AIMs (Advanced Instructor Module) with my favorite trainer – Susan

October 17/18- CXWORX & BODYFLOW AIM 1 in Baltimore

November 7- Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

November 14- LES MILLS Super Quarterly in Baltimore

  Amy and I in Baltimore for a LES MILLS day.  We got to do the new releases that I’ll get to download next week 🙂
Our schedule for the day, plus we were able to take the brand new class SPRINT (HIIT cycle 30 minute class).  We ended up watching BODYATTACK and did about 20 minutes of COMBAT before we left.  I am feeling it today!

Coming up next –
December 6- Les Mills BODYPUMP, CXWORX and BODYFLOW Workshop in Baltimore

Along with these big fitness events, I taught lots of classes in October and put some serious time in practicing for my two AIM 1 trainings! I knew it wasn’t ideal having both AIMS back to back and 6 days after my marathon, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!  Sometime around then I did something to my right hamstring.  I think I pushed myself too hard practicing for FLOW right after the marathon.  I just felt so good right after the race I went into everything else a little too hard.  It is a nagging, frustrating strain that hasn’t completely gone away.  Certain things like running and squats flair it up.  Yoga seems to make it feel better.  Since the Disney race is over, I am going to take time off from running to see if it helps.  I also took a little time off PUMP (except for this past weekend!) to let my hamstring calm down.

Our Disney trip was great!  Colby and I went with his brother and girlfriend and stayed at the Caribbean Resort.  We flew to Orlando early Thursday morning and spent Thursday and Friday getting to all the theme parks.  My favorite is Epcot, and we were there during the Food and Wine Festival.  There are extra countries added to the World Showcase with “small plate” food stands.

On Saturday, we went to the race expo in the morning and relaxed at the resort pool in the afternoon.  We tried to get a nap in before eating dinner and then got ready for our night race!  The race was supposed to start at 10PM and you had to get on a bus to the ESPN complex by 8PM.  Around 9, we started to see a lot of lightening and the wind really picked up.  Soon everyone (15,000 runners!) were evacuated to the baseball stadium for a weather advisory.  We didn’t really know what was happening while we waited, and the cell service was pretty weak.  Around 10:45 we were told we could head to our corrals.  We ended up running just after 11PM and found out that the half marathon was shortened due to conditions in Animal Kingdom.

We skipped Animal Kingdom completely, and ran directly to Hollywood Studios.  We were in there for a while and then got to the boardwalk area behind Epcot and finished by running through Epcot to finish at the entrance of the park.  The distance ended up being just under 7 miles and I finished in exactly an hour.  Colby and I weren’t heartbroken over the shortened course.  We were tired and my hamstring was a worry for me.  This was also our third time running this race, so we have ran through Animal Kingdom before.  Some people were devastated by the shortened course, and I can only imagine if this was your first half marathon.  We were happy to get to Epcot just after midnight, changed into clean clothes and got to ride SOARIN’.  We also ate at a few of our favorite countries and left the park around 2:30AM.  The “after party” for the race was open until 4AM!!  We were tired Sunday, but had a great lunch in Animal Kingdom and flew home that night.  The next time I go to Disney World, I think I will just vacation and skip the race!  We were happy to run it for a third time, but it is exhausting! We walked almost 10 miles each day!  Looking forward to next weekend because I don’t have any plans! 🙂