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Food Prep For A Busy Week!

Happy December!! 

As a music teacher, I am officially in “concert week”!  Every year I end up getting take out for dinner this week and eating junk food.  With concerts Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I am trying to prep my lunch and dinner for the rest of the week! Thursday night I get to teach my double BODYPUMP/BODYFLOW classes so it is a late night too.


After school, I practiced BODYPUMP 96 at home with my SMARTBAR.  It’s so heavy! I don’t teach with one at the gym so it feels extra tough at home.


(BODYPUMP 96 cool down track)

I might get to do a little BODYFLOW at home tomorrow, but I’m just betting on the next two days being “off” days.  I need to remind myself that off days are okay!!!


Practice BODYFLOW 71 tomorrow? Did I mention I signed up for an AIM 2 in March!!!!!!! (Les Mills Advanced Instructor Module 2)  I am going for BODYFLOW and I will be presenting 71.  I can’t wait to launch this in January and practice!!


Tonight I made most of my extra food for the week.  I made four turkey burgers, roasted brussel sprouts and roasted sweet potatoes.  We ate this and have left overs for lunch.

I also made chicken meatballs and baked chicken breast topped with rosemary honey mustard and panko.

I also have the rest of my chopped sweet potatoes ready to go, broccoli and snap peas.  Even though I didn’t get to it tonight, roasting them is easy and makes them taste oh so good!  I might treat us to some easy stuffing or quinoa/brown rice later this week.  I like to make my own quinoa, but this stuff is so easy for a busy week.  Not saying Stove Top is healthy at all… but a little bit tastes really good for a busy week!  The broccoli can be roasted on a baking sheet like the other veggies with just olive oil, salt and pepper.  I usually just set the oven to 375-400 and flip half way.

The snap peas can be made into this chicken dish I found on Pinterest.  It is so good and doesn’t take much time.  If I have time this week, I might make this or save it for the weekend if we still have enough food.  We take leftovers for lunch each day and we tend to eat a lot. 🙂

Chicken and Snap Pea recipe

Meatball recipe from Ina’s Italian Wedding Soup (I used just ground chicken and never measure anything for this recipe)

Beekman Rosemary Honey Mustard-Target


Just thought you needed a Colby and Bella pic 🙂  She is ready for Christmas break!