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A Late February ’16 Recap

Even though it’s a little late, I wanted to post some of the great things that happened in February!

  • Ran 10 miles

I have NOT been running.  Last month, a mile here or there.  One weekend I ran 4 with Amy and felt great.  The next weekend I told my friend Bethany I would run part of her long run with her.  It felt so fun and comfortable I did the entire 10 miles with her!  Later I felt the slightest twinge in my old hamstring injury, so I knew it wasn’t the smartest thing to do.  Once the weather is nice, I’m hoping to start running 3x a week.  I promise to start out small because I want to keep my hamstring happy!

  • Birthday



Good thing I ran 10 miles that morning, because my family surprised me with a little party for my (30th!) birthday.  I ate most of that peanut butter cake.  Actually at least half of it over the week.  Pretty much sealed the deal on my current Whole30.  More details coming up…

  • Autoship

It is like Christmas when it’s Autoship day for Les Mills instructors!! I got to download my three programs in the middle of the month.  I’ve been trying to just listen to the new music, but I did end up doing the new BODYFLOW 72. Love.

  • CX/ATTACK combo

Loving my combo class Wednesday nights with Jamie.  I teach CXWORX (30 minutes) and she teaches a 30 minute format of BODYATTACK.  Our number of participants have grown and I am seeing major benefits from doing BODYATTACK on a regular basis.  Colby comes to this one each week too.  Saturday morning I got to teach a CXWORX technique session with the other two instructors.

  • Night before Valentines Day – sushi


The night before Valentine’s Day, Colby and I went out for sushi.  Don’t let this picture fool you.  Our current favorite place has an all you can eat special.  You can order two rolls to be made at first, and then one after that for as long as you want.  I went with the healthier cucumber outside, fish inside roll on the left.  I also got the amazing tempura roll on the right.  I ordered another tempura roll after that… three huge sets of rolls!  I went all out, knowing that I was starting the Whole30 challenge the next day.  30 days until my AIM 2 (Les Mills Advanced Instructor 2 Training) so why not get myself feeling my best!


  • Whole 30

I started the Whole30 on February 14, and will hit 30 days next Monday.  I had bought the book It Starts With Food and Whole30 last year.  I read most of it before but didn’t think I had the willpower to stick with it for 30 days.  No chocolate or peanut butter??

Tonight, I finish day 23 and I am feeling awesome.  I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.  I’ll admit I felt some of the sugar-withdraw symptoms in the beginning. Headaches, cranky and tired.  Around day 10 I started feeling stronger with my workouts and the headache went away.  I feel as if I am eating more than usual.  You should see the massive salad bowl I take to school for lunch each day!  I do best with 3 meals plus a snack or 4 meals on a workout day.  The cravings really do go away, I just get cranky if I don’t have food with me for when I get hungry.  My appetite finally died down a bit around day 20, but up until that point I felt like I was eating so, so much.  I will post more about the food I am eating each day soon.

I got my motivation for this from Peanut Butter Runner – thanks Jen!!



  • Countdown to AIM 2

My AIM 2 (Les Mills Advanced Instructor Module 2) is THIS WEEKEND!  I have decided to go for BODYFLOW and I’m trying to stay calm.  Nerves are setting in!  I’m sooooo glad my gym buddy Jamie is going with me!!  She is going for BODYATTACK.  We have no idea what to expect! 4 days!!!



Baby Bella – just because 🙂  She snuggles under the blanket during the day when we are at school ❤