Busy End of the School Year


What a week!  As a music teacher, the school year is winding down and things are busy.  Last weekend I took Bella garden shopping with my Mom to work on her social skills.  She was happy as long as we held her 🙂

Ribbet collagemusic

Music teacher life for the next few weeks.  Lots of concerts, field trips and playing instruments!


With my nights very busy, I tried to fit in as many workouts as possible.  One morning, I got up early to practice CXWORX.  Bella likes to watch me workout.  I also did a super quick 30 minute BODYPUMP with heavy weights before one of my night concerts.  I was still able to teach my Thursday night classes too.  This week I will be teaching CXWORX 2x, BODYPUMP 2x and BODYFLOW once.


I signed up to get a general Group Fitness Instructor certification through AFAA/NASM!


Bella loves socks.  She steals and hides them!


The photo above is from the Philly Quarterly last weekend!  I made the top/left of the “R”!