Favorite Workout Gear


Linking up with Tuesdays on the Run again!  Marcia’s Healthy Slice

Where do you buy your gear?  ONLINE!

Lululemon – You can get an instructor discount of 15% off in the store.  I do have a store fairly close to me, so I like to try on their stuff because sizing can be tricky.  I love their skirts, tights, tanks and headbands.

Favorite Tank : Cool Racerback

Scuba Hoodie (I have one similar to this link.. mine is in the bottom right corner of the collage above)

Reebok – You can get an instructor discount of 25% off online.  Sometimes they have special deals of 15-25% off through email.  Big “Black Friday” deals right after Thanksgiving, like 50% off.  Last year, that was enough to almost take down the website.  Lots of Les Mills instructors trying to grab some more gear!

I have tons of Reebok – Les Mills gear.  About two years ago, they teamed up and the stuff is awesome.  It can be difficult to get some of it in the smaller sizes, because it sells out FAST. Super frustrating – so if I see something go up, I make a decision fast.

Current Favorite tights: Graphic Tights

Something I want but haven’t purchased: Burnout sweatshirt

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 3.47.01 PM

Brooks – I have been running in the Adrenaline shoe for about five years.  No complaints, no running injuries for me.  I like Brooks shoes and winter gear.  I have a winter jacket that is very thin, but super warm.  I’ve had it for four years, and it still looks brand new.

I buy my shoes wherever they are the cheapest -Dick’s Sporting Goods if I have a coupon, Road Runner Sports, or anywhere else online.

Adrenaline shoe

Underarmour – Favorite cold weather tights for running

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 3.48.57 PM

Apple – iPod shuffle – $49

I’ve had mine for years and it works very well.  I know I would probably like headphones without wires (bluetooth), but this is just simple.  This iPod is so small, I forget I have it on.  Works well running outside or in the gym.


Garmin 15

After my 405 battery went bad, I decided to switch to the Garmin 15.  It is simple, but I like it.  I didn’t use half the features of the 405, and this watch is nice, small and cheap.  I can still use my old heart rate monitor strap with it too.  It lasted through my 2015 marathon.

Heartrate Monitors – Fitbit Charge HR and Polar FT4

So I don’t really love either of these items.  I had the Polar FT4 first, and although it seems very accurate for my indoor activities, the strap is annoying.  It’s not the most comfortable, and sometimes I have to wet it to get it to register.  I got the Fitbit Charge HR this past year.  The heart rate is not accurate at all when working out.  I think it has to do with heavy sweating, but it just doesn’t go as high as it should.  I like the iPhone app features and how I can have step challenges with friends.

So there it is – some of my favorite workout gear!  I usually buy online, and shop around.  Amazon Prime is great, because it is usually cheap and I can get something in 2 days.

What is your favorite workout gear? Favorite brands? Must haves?

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  1. I have the Garmin 10 which is similar to the 15 and that is why I live it. It is so simple. I don’t need all the bells and whistles. Although it would be nice to upgrade that has a watch and fitness tracker all in one.

  2. Ah I want to try Lululemon so bad! There isn’t a store near me but I’m thinking a mini trip may be worth it haha

  3. Under Armour has the best winter leggings and winter shirts!

    My sister has the Fitbit ChargeHR and doesn’t like it either.

  4. Am looking for a new Garmin and glad to hear you like that one.. I’m just worried about the battery for really long runs compared to my ANCIENT 305.

  5. I love my Forerunner 15! It’s small and straight to the point. I can’t imagine having more features I wouldn’t possibly use…

  6. Garmin FTW here! And I do love my Fitbit. Keeps me moving!

  7. Hands down UA Coldgear rocks. I had that Polar watch and totes agree on the questionable HR monitor. HAD is the operative word though. I lost it in Vegas. Waaaah!

  8. I love my Fitbit Charge HR! I never really check the heart rate but I love tracking my steps!

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