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Les Mills One Live Chicago

Friday night, I flew from PA to Chicago for the Les Mills ONE LIVE event!! I wasn’t able to take off school, so I had a flight that left at 6:30 and I got to O’Hare Airport at 7:30 Central time.  My gym buddies, Mary and Jamie, drove Thursday night and got to the hotel Friday morning.  The event was at the McCormick Place convention center and it was massive.  I got there around 8:30 and they had to show me where everything was going on.  I missed “The One” competition at 6:30, which were the finalists from the video contest.  I really wish I was there for that, but it was really the only thing I missed.  The Reebok store opened that night, and when we got there it looked like a tornado hit.  Clothes and people everywhere.  We decided to wait until Saturday morning and hoped they would re-stock the clothing.

The alarm went off early Saturday morning to go to our first class of the day – BODYPUMP!  I paid extra to have “VIP” status, which got you to the front rows of classes, a special lounge and special meet and greet/photo opportunities.  We had to wear the wrist bands (above) to get access to the classes we pre-registered for months ago.  I wish I would have gotten there earlier for pump, because everyone had waited in line early.  I ended up on the side with 4th row, but still had a good view of the stage and massive video screens on each side.

It really felt like you were at a rock concert with the screens, lights and loud music.  It was awesome.  This was also my first glimpse of my favorite – Susan Renata.  She has been on almost all of the instructor dvds since the very beginning and is from New Zealand.  Goal for the day – a picture with her!

BODYPUMP 95 – SUSAN RENATA, Petter Ehrnvall, Sheldon McBee, Will Pritchard, Justin Sanchez

95 is a great release and I really enjoyed the music.  Lunges – ouch!

BODYSTEP 101 – Mark Nu’u, Susan Renata, Amanda Scales, Lizzy Troutman

Next was BODYSTEP and I stood a little farther back with Jamie and Mary.  Jamie was super excited to see program director, Mark Nu’u!  I love STEP, but I tried to take it easy and pace myself for the long day.

After STEP, we headed to the Reebok store and there was a better selection.  It was going fast, so we ran through the store to get most of what we wanted.  I got three tanks and capris.  Didn’t try anything on and I wore all my new stuff that day!  With so many classes, if feels good to change out of sweaty clothes.

After the store, I went to the vendor area.  I ordered some discounted Les Mills Good Protein and then went to the instructor booth.  I knew they were offering a free assessment session if you had footage on your phone.  I had filmed myself the previous week at my CXWORX and BODYPUMP classes.  I was able to show an instructor my videos and get instant feedback.  Jen Parrish was the trainer there and she was so great!  I was glad to get some CX feedback before my AIM 1 in October.

Here is a picture of Jen and I from the after party.  She was so sweet and I found out she is a teacher at home too!  She watched my CXWORX 19 track 5 and BODYPUMP 94 track 7.  Even though I was nervous to do this, I’m SO glad I did.  Free feedback session!

Next it was time for CXWORX!!! The program director, Dan was there!  I got in line a little early and got 2nd row for the class!  I was loving this so much.  I made friends with the girl in front of me and we both ended up on the big video screens a bunch of times!  She said she just made “elite status” a few months ago from her AIM 2 video assessment!! That is awesome!  If you are reading this, message me!  We should have exchanged info!

CXWORX 20 – Dan Cohen, Kylie Gates, Susan Renata, Kris McAlinn, Matt Thraxton


Dan really focused on the new SMARTBAND, which I loved.  Easy to hold, more durable and flat under your feet.  We had great music for release 20 and new moves!  How do they keep coming up with new moves?? I’m so glad I will be doing my AIM 1 with this release because it is sure to be a favorite!

After CX, I met Mary and Jamie for GRIT Strength!  This was held in a smaller room downstairs and had three trainers.  Mary and Jamie were very excited because they coach GRIT.  I felt like I was dying at times and remembered why I need to get to this class more often! 
GRIT Strength 14 – Jeremiah Evans, Bas Hollander, Kate Slee

During GRIT, Jeremiah Evans came right up to me and motivated me to keep going with my jumping squat with plate press things.  Sorry I don’t have a technical name for that move!  I just know they were hard!  There were tons of jumping lunges as well and I believe that is why my butt is still super sore two days later!

Amy and Mary ran to get in line for BODYATTACK after GRIT, since they teach that class as well.  I decided I needed to take a break, so I skipped it.  I changed my clothes, braided my hair, ate some snacks and checked out the VIP lounge.  I wanted to see the photo meet and greet schedule.  When I was up there, I ran into Matt Thraxton – a BODYPUMP favorite for many!

Then I made the best decision of the day and got in line for BODYFLOW about 45 minutes before the class even started.  It was nice to just sit down in line and take a break.  I checked out the #OneLive on Facebook and Instagram and relaxed.  Once I got in the room, I scored front row!!  Then, I saw someone walk from behind stage with a yoga mat and look who it was…

 I died and went to Les Mills heaven.  SUSAN RENATA!  She put her mat right by me and with shaky hands I handed my phone to the girl that stood between us.  She knew exactly what I wanted and I got my picture!! I have no idea what I even said to her, I was in shock.  We made sure to take the picture quickly so we didn’t start a riot LOL.

BODYFLOW 70 – Kylie Gates, Susan Laney, Jacob McLendon, Ibsen Nogueira

I was so excited to have Kylie Gates and Susan Laney present this class!  Susan Laney was my BODYFLOW initial trainer and I just adore her.  She is so amazing and she even saw me from the stage and gave me a little wave!

I loved BODYFLOW 70 – the music was awesome and very different from past releases.  My body loved the moves and I finished feeling very blessed about the whole day during our relaxation track.


BODYJAM 74 – Lissa Bankston, Nicole Hsu, Josh Keenum, Mysti Oglesby, Nikki Schultz

Last class of the day for me was BODYJAM and it is always so fun to take this class.  This was my third time ever and the presenters were rock stars on stage.  Lots of people came in just to watch this class even if they weren’t taking it.  I wish I could take this more at home!  I left a little early so I could get my picture with Kylie Gates and Amy Styles!

I decided to skip the last class of the day – BODYCOMBAT.  Everyone was so excited because both program directors Dan and Rach were presenting.  The lines were insane and I was getting tired.  I needed to eat and take a shower!

As we were walking back to our room, I saw my BODYFLOW trainer Susan Laney!  She said she was glad to see I was in the front row and I found out she is teaching my CXWORX AIM 1 in October!!!!!! I am so excited!!  I just want to soak up all of her knowledge!  Did I mention she is wonderful? 🙂


Also ran into my BODYPUMP initial trainer, Adam Bramski!  He is a celebrity now with all his pictures on the Reebok ads!

We showered and got dressed up for the after party that night!  We had a great time dancing, eating and running into more celebrities!  When we got enough nerve, we got pictures and had great conversations with them!  Everyone was so nice.

Nikki Shultz – she is so pretty!

Mark Nu’u!  Susan Renata in the background 😉

We had a great time and I’m so glad I went to this event.  It was a very quick trip for me flying in and out for a weekend, but well worth it!  Tr1be!