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Early Christmas Present!!


Hi everyone!! I had to take even more of a blogging break this past month, but I have been working out a lot! I got my BODYPUMP 88 kit in the mail this week and I have been loving the music!  You can find the tracklist here.  I taught twice this week and I couldn’t love it more.  I look forward to teaching pump at night so much.  It is such a stress reliever (which I really need lately!!!) and I just couldn’t be more obsessed right now!  My goal is to pick it up on CXWORX and do it 2x a week.  I really think I want to get certified to teach it in the spring, but I can’t imagine talking through it right now.  It is an intense 30 minute workout!

I have been doing workouts that make me happy and relieve my stress from work.  Running isn’t always that exercise.  I posted last month that I was going to run the Nittany Valley Half Marathon on December 8, but that just isn’t going to happen.   I missed a long run and couldn’t get myself to do all the mid-week runs I should do.  After crying over the thought of running 9 miles outside, Colby told me to just not do the race and to not worry about it.  That made me feel so much better because it was just one more thing to worry about.  I just can’t get myself to run on my own during the week.  I’m just too tired.  I have been enjoying meeting my buddy Amy at the park and running with her.  It just makes it so much easier and I love having someone to talk to when I run.  That is actually where I am about to go right now… we have 4 miles planned for today.  But first I have to show you my early Christmas present from Colby!!

photo 1

We picked it up at the bike shop last night!!!!

photo 3

Colby put my new bike on his trainer last night and I got on it.  I guess I won’t have anything to open Christmas morning, but I can ride my pretty new bike!  It is a Jamis Allegro Comp and it is a sort of hybrid bike.  It is more like a road bike, but with upright handlebars.  The tires are a little thicker then road ones and have a little tread so I can go on the rail trail.  I could always switch them out for road tires if I want to for a race. Isn’t she pretty???


I hope old Purple isn’t too jealous!!